Ruben’s Grocery is a specialty grocery store that stocks a variety of food items imported from the entire planet.

Ruben's Grocery Family

We're All Here To Serve You Delicious Food From Around The World!


If you are longing for the familiar flavors and comforting smells of foods from Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America, Ruben’s Grocery in McAllen is your saving grace. Located conveniently in the heart of McAllen, Ruben’s Grocery is a specialty grocery store stocking a variety of food items imported from Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America, and now the entire planet. There’s no reason to go without your favorite native foods and authentic South American groceries in McAllen with Ruben’s Grocery carrying everything you need to feel at home.

  • We Sell Certified Organic Food.
  • We Sell Imported Meats & Cheeses From Around The World.
  • We Sell Chocolates & Sweets From Your Favorite Confectioneer Back Home.
  • We Sell Fresh Fruits & Vegetables That You Can’t Find At The Big Grocerers.


Ruben’s Grocery has been family owned and operated, at the same location, for 43 years! While many stores go through multiple owners or are eventually bought out, we have been around thanks to our loyal customers like you. Ruben’s Grocery is just as much your store as it is our store. It’s a World Market for the Valley.


When you walk into Ruben’s Grocery, you’ll be treated like royalty… or a rockstar… or, like we hear the most, a friend. Our staff is passionate about food. We want to help you find everything you could possibly want, and more! In fact, Ruben will walk around the store with you and help you find whatever it is you want. And if we don’t have it, chances are we can get it!


Not only is Ruben’s Grocery a World Market, but we also have an old fashion butcher shop inside with 4 butchers to help you get that perfect cut. Seriously! Ask us for any type of cut and we’ll work with you. Everything is done right before your eyes. In fact, most of the upscale dining experiences in McAllen order their beef, chicken and pork from Ruben’s Grocery.


At Ruben’s Grocery, we scour the earth to find the most interesting food from the most remote locations. We specialize in the “Amazing.” Seriously. Ask Ruben what most of the food in the store tastes like, and you’ll probably get an “Amazing.” Which, actually is kind of an understatement. Most of the stuff is out-of-this-world, over-the-moon, and-back-again type delicious. Come by and you’ll see! Ask Ruben for a sample too!


  • Christmas at Ruben's is a family tradition. We eat Panetone, and Ruben's Grocery is the only place in the Valley we can find authentic Panetone.

    Ernesto Salcedo - Foodie

  • When I walk into Ruben's Grocery, I feel the energy the store produces. Something about the store that just makes me want to browse every aisle for hours on end, finding the perfect ingredients for a world class dish.

    Eric Fantich - Foodie