See all the delicious things that are on their way to Ruben's!

11 November 2015 0 Comments Category: Meat, Sweets

Festive Favorites

WOW! Christmas season is already here? Where did the year go? The best part about Christmas for me and all my foodie friends is all the things Ruben’s has planned for us. Like importing in all the breads, pastries, candies and once-a-year things that make your house look, feel and smell like Christmas.

Everyone looks forward to Ruben’s Panettones from Italy, Argentina, Brazil, and Peru. The Turrones from Spain, Italy, & Argentina. The German Stollens, along with candy from all over the world, including the traditional Mexican Christmas candies Colaciones! The special way that Ruben’s store is transformed into a special holiday cooking and gift destination. On top of all the exciting products that show up for the holidays, here’s what I look forward to the most. Every year Ruben finds that one special thing, that you can’t find anywhere else, like what he does each year with those giant King Crabs. Ruben seeks on something special each year, and knocks it out of the park! I got a sneak peek and by the time this article gets to you, Ruben will already be stocking this specialty item for you and your family…I promise, this will make Christmas at your house unforgettable.

Here it comes! About 10 years ago I found BODIN in Spain, the restaurant that holds the Guinness world record for “THE OLDEST RESTAURANT IN THE WORLD.” What makes BODIN in Madrid so special, besides cooking for people since 1725, NEARLY 300 YEARS?!? It’s their roasted suckling pig dish that’s so tender the waiters cut it with a ceramic plate, as well as the “Jabugo Jamon” from these special pigs that only come from that region. Ibérico pigs are a special breed that, oh hell! It’ll take forever to explain. Suffice it to say, these pigs eat a diet from the area they live which is rich in natural resources, in this case, acorns and berries, adding up to the perfect diet for a pig and making them taste better than any pork you will find on this planet or any other planet for that matter : )

Now here’s what Ruben did. For over 100 years the USDA has banned the import of pork from other countries. They said it was impossible to ensure a healthy produce could stand the trip from there to here, so the USDA forbid it, period. End of story. In fact, try to bring over pork chops from Reynosa. I dare you. The Border Patrol will take your chops, AND YOUR CAR, and slap you with a huge fine. So how was Ruben able to pull this off? Who knows! But he did. ONLY Ruben’s, and only for a limited time.  He’s not just bringing that pig FRESH, he’s bringing the suckling babies for roasting in your “Ataud” or your kitchen’s oven.

The special baby Ibérico pigs, the babies that have only sipped milk from mamma’s breasts, are here now and available for your family to roast and enjoy. “If you don’t know how to prepare this delicacy, ‘Ibérico Pata Negra Lechon,’ Ruben will teach you how to cook it to perfection or you can ask Chef Larry Delgado, of S A L T New American Table, to prepare it for you along with some paired sides,” says Ruben. He always tries to add one more delightful thing to his holiday lineup and he did it again. Suckling pigs, about eight pounds each and pretty simple to roast. They are here now for you to pick up and prepare for an unforgettable evening.