See all the delicious things that are on their way to Ruben's!

11 January 2016 0 Comments Category: Fruits & Veggies

Super Foods

Webster defines MID LIFE CRISIS as a “period of emotional turmoil caused by the realization that one is no longer young.” This used to be a problem that one handled simply by dropping some Benjamins and buying a brand new canary-yellow Corvette. Problem solved, right? Funny, I was stuck at that same crossroad. Turn right and buy a beautiful sports-car? Turn left and get a beautiful new girlfriend? Or go straight ahead and get the new body I desperately needed so I’d live long enough to enjoy both the new […]

11 November 2015 0 Comments Category: Meat, Sweets

Festive Favorites

WOW! Christmas season is already here? Where did the year go? The best part about Christmas for me and all my foodie friends is all the things Ruben’s has planned for us. Like importing in all the breads, pastries, candies and once-a-year things that make your house look, feel and smell like Christmas. Everyone looks forward to Ruben’s Panettones from Italy, Argentina, Brazil, and Peru. The Turrones from Spain, Italy, & Argentina. The German Stollens, along with candy from all over the world, including the traditional Mexican Christmas candies Colaciones! The special […]

21 April 2015 0 Comments Category: Pets

Pet Owner’s Love Ruben’s Grocery

As a pet lover with a long history of living with cats and dogs I have a pretty strong stance on what I’m about to say. All living creatures deserve “REAL” food. That being said, this installment of “Where the Foodies Go” is dedicated to all of our pets. I’d like you to think about something for a second. Have you been brainwashed by the decades of commercials and the billions of dollars of marketing invested on making you think that what you feed your pets is healthy? (You already […]

20 March 2015 0 Comments Category: Tea

Yerba Mate

We all have our “happy place” that we go to feel good. Some retreat to their man cave, others go shoe shopping, some visit mom and dad. Me? I walk the isles at Ruben’s Grocery. Bizarre right? I agree. I have no clue why I do it, but I just do. There are some isles which have things I buy all the time and other isles that I shy away from because I have no idea what lies on those shelves. On this particular visit I found myself on isle #2. Isle […]

2 February 2015 0 Comments Category: Seafood

Ruben’s Paella

It’s like the Mustang vs. Camaro wars of 1970. Paella faces the same battle. It all depends on who you ask as to which is the right way to prepare it, and I REALLY want to learn how to make one. Don’t you? Before I call my buddy Ruben at Ruben’s Grocery Store to steal his recipe, I’m going to share my research about the history of Paella. Where dishes come from interest me, so guess what, you’re about to learn something. (The fun part is some of my story […]

20 November 2014 0 Comments Category: Chocolate, Sweets

Christmas At Rubens

What exactly does “Christmas at Ruben’s” mean? Throw up some lights and hope people spend more money? Well my friends it means, Ol’ Ruben rolls up his sleeves and scours the world for his secret Foodie contacts and gathers all of the greatest holiday sweets he can get his little hands on. 

19 November 2014 0 Comments Category: Meat

Thanksgiving At Rubens

This Thanksgiving Ruben’s is getting farm raised heritage turkeys! What is a Heritage Turkey? A heritage turkey is one of a variety of strains of domestic turkey which retains historic characteristics that are no longer present in the majority of turkeys raised for consumption since the mid-20th century.

29 September 2014 0 Comments Category: Seafood

Alaskan King Crab At Rubens

Alaskan King Crab is coming to Ruben’s Grocery in October!  This is the HUGE crab you see on the TV show The Deadliest Catch on the Discovery Channel. Only 5% of the world’s crab comes from the Bering Sea (where this crab is coming from in Alaska).