Ruben's carries amazing foods from all over the world, but you don't always have time or know how to cook them yourself, so let us invite you to visit some of our friends that source delicious food from Ruben's!

Ruben’s Grocery is proud to share with our customers some of our top restaurant picks in the Rio Grande Valley! Whether you’re a foodie looking for something exotic, a niche find, a romantic dinner for two or really anything in between, we’ve got you covered with our insider list.

El Divino

Chef Eugenio of El Divino creates seasonal dishes from the freshest ingredients that he personally shops for. Walking into El Divino is like going back in time (ala West World) where everything from juicing to ice-cutting is all done by hand. You can’t help but relax when you walk into El Divino, which contributes to your enjoyment of Chef Eugenio’s creations.

Kocina Il Forno

Chef Efren Peru infuses numerous cultures at Kocina Il Forno. With emphasis on Italy, Mexico and Peru, Chef Efren’s creations have made fans of all the Chefs that I know. With exotic ingredients like Rocoto Peppers and Maiz Morado, every dish is full of color and carefully seeded with so many flavors that you must keep taking bite after bite just to try to discern the ingredients. Show up early because this new jewel of McAllen is intimately small and always buzzing! & bistro

Chef Jonathan is a part of a well-oiled team creating sophisticated foods in one of the most comfortably casual settings in town. Here you can enjoy locally sourced ingredients turned into art pieces you can actually afford. These guys make their pasta right there in the restaurant and believe me you can taste the difference. 

And don’t worry if you don’t know what wine to order; the knowledgeable staff LOVES to help you with your wine pairings.

Il Forno A Legna

Chef Vladamir heads Il Forno A Legna offering authentic Italian dishes with a modern twist. With recipes based on the founder’s roots in Sorso, Sardegna Italy and using an authentic wood-fired brick oven, Chef Vladamir presents his pizzas like every dish: culinary paintings! Chef Vladamir’s tomato sauce is so incredible that I am grateful that it is in almost every dish and pizza. Very impressive wine list!

SALT New American Table

Meet Chef Nadia: Lead actress in this nightly extravaganza. I don’t know how she sleeps. She is perpetually thinking of new dishes, sauces, fusions and presentations; the whole time keeping in mind locally-sourced and ultra-fresh ingredients. On top of all that, she creates it all “ON STAGE” in a beautiful open kitchen where you can see all the magic that goes into every dish. Meet one of her fellow cast members: Chef Victor: The man behind the curtainBringing his Mexican upbringing into dishes using exquisite ingredients like Huitlacoche and Mole Negro; Chef Victor is constantly innovating new ideas into The show.  Even though the show doesn’t start until 5pm each evening, Chef Victor starts some days as early as 5am! Call ahead and reserve the Chef’s table. I never order, I just say: “Feed me.” What follows is always a delicious parade of elegantly presented dishes you will still be talking about the following day.

Birdie Bistro

A menu even the Queen Mum approves! Chef Alicia of Birdie Bistro has quietly created a dream of pastries paired with meats, cheeses & fresh veggies. Her creations are a delight with French, Italian, Spanish & Argentinian twists. Brunch is the best meal of the day, since we can pretty much have it all. At Birdie’s, Alicia can make it all.

Infu(s)ions Eats & Drinks

Chef Joe of Infu(s)ions Eats & Drinks is a no-nonsense kinda guy humbly creating perfectly seared meats always paired with the perfect sauces and veggies. Joe loves to make ice cream from scratch! It is his favorite thing, but he doesn’t brag much. So the next time you go in, ask him: “Hey Joe, what is your latest ice cream creation?” Get ready for something you have never tasted before.

Griffin Grill

Chef Tony of Griffin Grill is ALWAYS visiting every table, so he splits his time between the kitchen and his guests. His attention to detail is reflected in every dish he serves. Here you can comfortably enjoy Classic American Fair with a very creative touch. The last Friday of each month you can enjoy PAELLA!