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11 January 2016 0 Comments Category: Fruits & Veggies

Super Foods

Webster defines MID LIFE CRISIS as a “period of emotional turmoil caused by the realization that one is no longer young.” This used to be a problem that one handled simply by dropping some Benjamins and buying a brand new canary-yellow Corvette. Problem solved, right? Funny, I was stuck at that same crossroad. Turn right and buy a beautiful sports-car? Turn left and get a beautiful new girlfriend? Or go straight ahead and get the new body I desperately needed so I’d live long enough to enjoy both the new car AND the new girl! I found that I wasn’t alone.

Every morning my day starts off with a trip to Ruben’s Grocery Store to visit with the staff, grab my day’s snacks and finally, bend Ruben’s ear a little while. Every now and then I run into him and he’ll be using his Nutri-Bullet to whip up this concoction of all sorts of powders and frozen berries.

The World of SuperFoods

That’s when it hit me. I have never looked at him that way before but he seemed pretty physically fit. Putting two and two together I asked him a few questions and discovered that he works out every day and makes this shake each morning from these magical powders he carries in the store. They each have a name and purpose, but I simply call them “super-
food powders.”

The Health-Improving Claims

The powders he sells are not the normal protein shake powders all the supplement stores carry; these are the real deal: single ingredient, raw, organic, non-GMO superfoods. Powders that help people put their medicine down and start living normal lives again.

Ruben’s carries these superfood powders and his brother, Hugo, has started giving these lectures in the store and people are getting healthy. I watched this a few months as I took the powders, mostly skeptical, but I no longer need my blood pressure medication and all my other health-related problems are gone. Coincidence? Nope, too many people are getting better for it to be a coincidence.

The Natural Side of Energy

As Ruben puts it: “These superfoods are not miracles, they actually don’t heal anything. What they do is feed your body at a molecular level. Most of us are eating a breakfast full of carbs, like cereal or pancakes or tacos. Or sometimes even worse, not eating breakfast at all. When you make a smoothie from the superfoods that contain very low carbs and lots and lots of great proteins based on non-genetically modified plants, your body responds with incredible energy levels. At the same time, your pH changes from acidic to alkaline; the number one factor in cancer is an acidic body. All of this makes your organs, like your kidneys and liver, function at a much higher level and in turn, your body begins to heal whatever ails you.”

Eat. Grow. Shine!

Today it’s pretty easy to get the body you have always wanted. You just need a plan and I’ll share mine with you. Believe me, if I can do it, so can you. I dropped 220 lbs. Part of that was my ex-wife! She was 120 lbs. You do the math. I take these superfoods powders each morning now, mixed with a glass of tasty yogurt. That’s it. These superfoods powders appear to be doing great things for people. Set aside a few minutes today and invest 10 minutes in getting some free information about these superfoods at Ruben’s. Tell them Marc sent you.